anastrozole description

A brief description of Anastrozole

Anti estrogen drugs of the new generation. The main component – the active ingredient Anastrozole.

Anastrozole description.

For the first time the drug appeared on the market in 1995. First means are used exclusively for medical purposes. Anastrozole is used in the treatment of various tumors. Today in medicine drug is not widely applied. Basically anastrozololom are bodybuilders. Action medicines:

  1. It avoids gynecomastia
  2. Eliminates fluid retention, edema
  3. It eliminates the effects of receiving very potent steroids

Just 1 mg 80% reduction in blood estradiol. It is also observed:

  • Blocking estrogen levels
  • Reduced flavoring
  • The powerful inhibitory effect

After about two hours there is the maximum concentration of Anastrozole. Therefore, the substance is incredibly fast helps athletes who are prone to the emergence of flavoring. More information here

Admission Regulations

We do not advise beginners to take anastrozole. The tool is applied only after prolonged steroid course in high dosages. The tablets are: ·

  • If there are side effects of steroids
  • For prevention

When signs flavoring agent is the daily dose of 0.25-1 mg. To activate the effect of the drug taking pills Arimidex anastrozole descriptionon an empty stomach. Do not forget to drink the medicine with water. With such a reception Anastrozole quickly enters the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract. Remember – the duration of the use of anastrozole description in any case should not exceed 2 weeks. Do not take the drug to women. Anastrozole contributes to the rapid hormonal changes, which is highly undesirable for the body athletes.

Side effects

If you exceed the allowable dose, and are hypersensitive to possible occurrence:

  • Asthenia
  • Erythema multiforme
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Allergic reactions
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Skin rashes

Anastrozole is contraindicated if you have a disease of the cardiovascular system. The tool suppresses the production of good cholesterol. Athletes with CVD before taking the drug should consult a doctor.


description of the anastrozole

Most of the reviews on this drug are positive. Most often this applies to those bodybuilders who follow the correct dosage. It is very good to use anastrozole in bodybuilding, it helps in the prevention of gynecomastia, and many men have been cured of this disease in the initial stages.

The medication perfectly helps women who are in the postmenopausal period, also it effectively fights against cancerous tumors in the chest. Many women after taking this drug noticed a positive dynamics and improvement of well-being.

Anastrozole is contraindicated if you have cardiovascular disease. The drug suppresses the production of good cholesterol. Athletes with SSS disease before taking the drug should consult with a doctor.

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