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Anastrozole – comments on the application of the course in bodybuilding

Anastrozole – the new anti-estrogen agent, presented in oral form, based on the active ingredient anastrozole in bodybuilding. On the pharmacological market, it first appeared in 1995. Initially, anastrozole was used only for medical purposes: they conduct therapy of malignant mammary tumors with a high content of estrogen receptors. Now the tool in medicine is not widely applied. In sport it is used mainly by bodybuilders and representatives of the power sports. The main objective of the course anastrozole – avoiding gynecomastia, water retention and other side effects that occur after the end of a long course of treatment with anabolic steroids.

Anastrozole profile

Anastrozole has a very pronounced effect 1 mg of active substance capable of 80% to lower blood levels of estradiol. Even so popular today as the drug Tamoxifen, it does not have such a powerful effect. However, comparing these two tools is not correct, since the principle of their actions are completely different. Read more

The effects from taking Anastrozol

  • How to take Anastrozol significant reduction of flavoring (up to 80% of the initial level).
  • The strong inhibitory effect.
  • Blocking estrogen levels.
  • Rapid effect of the drug. The maximum concentration of active substance in the blood observed after 2 hours after administration, which makes it very quickly suppress the aromatization process.
  • It is very effective for athletes who are prone to flavoring.

The reason for the popularity of anastrozole
Let’s say you decided to ask for help with anabolic drugs, then you know about the effect of “stick with two ends.” After all, this medical preparation, like other pharmacological substances, has a number of side-effects.

Bad reaction of the body is different. Quite often it is gynecomastia. In simple language: the breast rises in the representatives of the stronger sex. Men’s adrenal glands can produce a special enzyme. He likes to be engaged in reincarnations and can develop instead of testosterone a womanly estrogen, which betrays the peasant womanly forms. That is why anastrozole bodybuilders are considered a godsend, plus the prevention of fluid stagnation. It suppresses the excess of female hormones and guarantees several effects:

  • omits excess estrogen values ​​by about 80%;
  • stimulates a jump in the level of anabolic used;
  • prevents the development of gynecomastia;
  • promotes the improvement of muscles;
  • quickly acts.

Usually debutants do not resort to this remedy. A long reception of anabolics has passed, the body starts screaming that the estrogen values ​​exceed the norm – they consume one fourth of the pill per day. Since it is better to prevent, than to treat, start drinking therapeutic dosages even before the steroid course.

How to take Anastrozole

The drug is not recommended for beginners. anastrozole usage in bodybuildingTablets Anastrozol used by experienced athletes after a prolonged course of anabolic steroids in high dosages. In sports Anastrzola course can be carried out in two cases: in the event of side effects from steroids (initial signs of flavoring, estrogenic effects) received from 0.25 to 1 milligrams of the drug per day; and applying the drug to the course of steroids as a prophylactic agent with therapeutic dosages. Duration of Anastrozol should not exceed two weeks, this time is enough to make the drug showed their properties. To quickly received the active substance from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream, it is advisable to take it on an empty stomach, washed down with copious amounts of water.

How to take Anastrozole athletes? The drug is contraindicated in women. Those hormonal changes that trigger drug for the female body highly undesirable.

Side effects from Anastrozol

If you are hypersensitive to the active substance, as well as significant excess of recommended dosages, the following side effects of anastrozole: drowsiness, erythema multiforme, fatigue, various allergic reactions, headache, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes. Anastrozol can not apply to people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. The drug is effectively counteracts estrogenic side effects, but at the same time it locks the useful properties of estrogen (suppression of the “good” cholesterol), which can lead to heart problems. Athletes who have CVD, it is necessary to consult with a sports physician or, in extreme cases, to use tamoxifen. More info

Reviews of anastrozole

anastrozole for bodybuildersReviews Anastrozol examining reviews Anastrozol, it can be concluded that the drug is highly valued as a means of instant antiestrogen effects. This is true, because the maximum concentration of the active ingredient anastrozole observed in the first few hours after his admission.

The most commendable reviews of Anastrozole tablets can be heard among professional athletes in bodybuilding. Experienced athletes are satisfied with the quality of the lock after long exposure to estrogen and powerful course AAS.

Preparations based on anastrozole

Manufacturer Name
Alpha Pharma Anazole
Balkan Pharmaceuticals Anastrozol
G-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anastrotabs
Pharmacom Labs Anastrazolos
Radjay Pharmaceuticals Anastrozole
Vermodje Anastrover
Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Anastrozole

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