Anastrozole – comments on the application of the course

In bodybuilding taking anastrozole on the course should be 2 weeks. Reception begins immediately, as the first signs of increased aromatization were found.




Anastrozole on the course: features of admission and positive qualities

During the course of steroids, it is important to control the level of estrogen. Then the results will be impressive, and the negative effects – minimal. Anastrozole is a tool that allows you to forget about the side effects on the course. It is used to reduce the level of estrogen. Allows you to prevent flavoring and maintain a high level of testosterone. This tool is produced in oral form. It was first introduced in 1995 and has since gained popularity among bodybuilders.


what is anastrozole


What is anastrozole

This means to reduce the level of estrogen. Anastrozole, the price for which is quite reasonable, allows you to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and reduce the level of estrogen already present in the body. With Anastrozole, taking steroids is safe and effective. It is used primarily by representatives of power sports. Anastrozole avoids gynecomastia, water in the muscle tissue and other side effects that may occur during the course of serious steroids. Recommended for use by all, after a long course of anabolic androgenic steroids. It has several analogues, but among them stands out favorably with high efficiency. Anastrozole on PCT rapidly reduces the estradiol in the blood. It is estimated that 1 mg of Anastrozole is able to block up to 80% of free estradiol. By the principle of action has no analogues. Tamoxifen and other drugs work in a different way, so it would be incorrect to compare them.


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Positive traits

  • Reduces the level of aromatization by more than 80%, helps prevent the loss of testosterone and its conversion to estrogen.
  • It has a strong inhibitory effect on free estradiol in the blood.
  • Allows you to quickly reduce estrogen levels.
  • Differs in speed.

After only 1.5 hours, a significant concentration of the active substance is reached. This allows you to quickly stop the formation of estrogen. Recommended for strong steroids, as well as athletes prone to the accumulation of estrogen in the body. It is known that some are more susceptible to flavoring. And they need the support of high-quality and effective drugs.


anastrozole on the course


Methods of administration and dosage

Anastrozole is not recommended for beginners, as it is a powerful tool that must be taken correctly. These pills are suitable for athletes with experience receiving sportspharmacology. They can be used with the appearance of side effects from steroids, and as prevention. Anastrozol is taken within 10-14 days. During this time, the drug has time to show their properties. Drink 4 hours after eating or before meals, drinking clean non-carbonated water. It is better for girls to choose a different drug for PCT, since Anastrozole is contraindicated for them.



Studying reviews revealed that most athletes are satisfied with this drug. They talk about quickly achieving the desired effect. And the most positive reviews are left by professionals, who sometimes need to immediately reduce the concentration of estrogen.