Anastrozole the steroid you need

Anastrozole: the steroid you need

Today’s article is about, you guessed it, the role of anastrozole for bodybuilding. This drug is famous as the savior of men from the female appearance.




The reason for the popularity of Anastrozole among bodybuilders

Suppose you decide to ask for help from anabolic steroids, then you know about the effect of “stick from two ends”. After all, this medicine, like other pharmacological substances, has a number of by-products.

Bad reaction of an organism happens different. Quite often it is gynecomastia. In simple language: growing breasts in the stronger sex. Male adrenal glands can produce a special enzyme. He loves to reincarnate and can produce feminine estrogen instead of testosterone, which betrays the feminine form to the peasant.


anastrozole for bodybuilding


That is why body anastrozole is considered a boon plus prevention of fluid retention. It suppresses excess female hormones and guarantees several effects:

      • lowers excess estrogen levels by about 80%;
      • stimulates a jump in the level of anabolic steroids;
      • prevents the development of gynecomastia;
      • helps to improve muscles;
      • fast acting.

Usually debutants do not resort to this tool. A long intake of anabolic steroids has passed, the body begins to shout that the estrogen levels exceed the norm – use one fourth of the tablets per day. So how best to warn than to treat start drinking therapeutic dosage before the steroid course.

The drug is prohibited to take more than a crescent. The substance perfectly manifests itself in such a time, for you this will be quite enough. Actually, you can drink it without bothering about the time of training and eating. But the substance will work better and faster if it falls into an empty stomach with a glass of liquid.


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The second side of the medal

A substance is considered to counteract the side effects, but the wrong method of application has a number of consequences:

      • suspension of muscle growth;
      • depressed mood, down to depression;
      • lack of sexual attraction;
      • a jump in cholesterol levels;
      • body aches;
      • disruption of the liver;
      • the fragility of the bones, the drop in their strength.

The body may react to the drug nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash. Always read the instructions carefully.


And what about women?

To help the female half of the drug does not have to count. Athletes do not take the drug because of the full contraindication. The substance is able to change the gentle hormones beyond recognition. Such innovations are detrimental to women’s health.

To risk to use anastrozole can only be after menopause. In some cases, his assistance is even difficult to assess. The weak half of the floor, suffering from breast cancer, doctors prescribe a remedy. Medication slows down the development of the disease. Tumor cells grow much slower.


dosage of anastrozole


Worthy replacement and dosage

At the expense of a particular drug – consult a doctor. Anastrozole is produced by several trademarks, analogs are called differently.

Letrozole is considered to be quite similar in action. Bodybuilders always argue what’s best. The latter seems to be acting more in time, according to the sportsmen, but there is no exact evidence to that.

The doctor will prescribe tests that will help you individually adjust the dosage. From any manufacturer, one tablet contains 1 milligram. Usually the minimum portion is 0.25 milligrams for several days. A qualified physician rarely prescribes more than 1 whole pill per day.

Remember how to take on the course. We took anabolic steroids for 10 days – start drinking anastrozole, and at the same time hand over the analysis Every two weeks, try again to determine exactly how much substance is needed.


Drug interactions

Studies on the interaction with the drug cimetidine and antipyrine indicate that clinically significant drug interactions mediated by cytochrome P450 isozymes in the combined use with other drugs anastrozole unlikely. Clinically significant drug kamagra interactions when using anastrozole in conjunction with other commonly prescribed drugs available. At the moment, there are no data on the use of anastrozole in combination with other anticancer drugs. Formulations containing estrogen, anastrozole reduced pharmacological action, and therefore, they should not be administered concurrently with anastrozole. There should be appointed along with tamoxifen anastrozole, because it can weaken the pharmacological action of the latter.


Anastrozole reviews

The drug is very popular among athletes, which is associated with its pronounced anti-estrogenic effect. Indeed, the result from the application can be noticed after only a couple of hours after taking the pill. The most positive feedback on Anastrozol is left by professional bodybuilders. They believe that the drug anastrozolecopes well with increased production of estrogens, which is observed after a long course of taking anabolic steroids. However, use the drug with great care: before you start taking, you need to consult a doctor. In addition, it is important to follow exactly the recommended dosage of Anastrozole.

A little about the impressions of the pros. Bodybuilders who have had to deal with the reception of the means give positive feedback.

The biggest plus that bodybuilders try out is a quick action. After two hours in your blood, you will be able to detect the maximum concentration of a substance that one pill can give.

The drug is not very good for chaotic use, the wrong amount, dosage. “Good” means will be with the right approach.