Anastrozole in bodybuilding and fitness: how to use

The active chemical substance: anastrozole Manufacturer: Balkanfarma Concentration: 1 mg per 1 tablet. The price is for 1 blister (20 tablets) 20 1mg tablets Anastrozole – selective aromatase inhibitor. Anastrozole is used in bodybuilding absolutely at any level, as a freshman, and the hormone-replacement therapy. This preparation is necessary to suppress the flavoring process – […]

Anastrozole: why bodybuilders need it

Anastrozole DESCRIPTION BALKAN Why do bodybuilders use anastrozole? Anastrozole – a non-steroidal drug, manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals Moldova. Trade name “Anastrozole” is the same and the name of the active substance – Anastrozolum, which is used in this preparation. Anastrozole belongs to a highly selective inhibitors of aromatase (estrogen) of the third generation. The release […]

Anastrozole in bodybuilding – courses and reviews

The main advantages Rapid suppression of aromatization The powerful inhibitory effect Inhibition of 50% of estrogen Increased levels of testosterone The lack of estrogenic activity Lack progestogenic activity High Absorption Non-steroidal drug Description and Anastrozole reviews Anastrozole – tableted preparation of the third generation, a potent inhibitor of aromatase. This highly selective non-steroidal drug is used […]

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